Mayday Parade
— Anonymous: When does the music video air.?

next monday!

Who’s excited for the Hold Onto Me music video???

charleneyz: Do you have any for: hold onto me, angels, and stay?

Hold Onto Me


Stay (these are terrible bc they’re some of the first I made sorry)

Derek + Jake singing (x)

— Anonymous: I'm a huge fan of Mayday Parade, so when I found this blog I automatically followed. My favorite song by them is three cheers for five years, so do you have any posts with that song?

boobinies: What is Mayday Parades fandom called? I don't think there is one and this makes me sad :(

Paraders??? I don’t know tbh but I think that’s it.

— Anonymous: What songs does Jake sing in?

I’m pretty sure he sings behind/along with Derek on pretty much all of the songs since he does back up vocals. He is definitely more obvious, at least to me, on their two most recent albums (Everything’s An Illusion, Oh Well, Oh Well, When You See My Friends, Ghosts, etc.)

— Anonymous: personal? do you post a lot of mayday parade?

and not really idk I post a lot of 5sos and emblem3 and other things so this is a warning if you follow me 

sunsets never were so bright. and the skies never so blue. 

im-a-disasterology: Can you make a lyric picture thingy of "how will you find yourself when your hand to hold is letting go?" from call me hopeless but not romantic?


how will you tell yourself you’re losing hope?

— Anonymous: Favorite lyric?

"It takes the sea to put you six feet happily underground."

"She’s eighteen. Much too young to know what a kiss like that would mean. But her lips, they were no stranger to the touch. And she likes it way too much."

"I know I’m good for something, I just haven’t found it yet."

— Anonymous: how can happy endings be your least favorite omg


— Anonymous: Just stop talking. If you guys want to bitch about not thinking Derek is good enough or how you like Jason better go listen to Go Radio and stop bitching. Jason has been out of the band for years now, suck it up and move on or stop listening to mayday.

I never said Derek wasn’t good enough so how about you stop bitching over the fact that I have an opinion.