Mayday Parade
defenestrationrights: So I'm trying to design a phone case (for me) and I want to use two of your photos. Would you be opposed to me using your images?

This is actually the most exciting message I have ever gotten wow 

And no not at all! Just promise me you’ll send pics of it when you’re done! I would love to see it!

this is just a fix for such a simple, little whore. 

Mayday Parade - Monsters In The Closet - First Lines (insp)

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monsternatty: Just wanted to say that because of 5SOS I found mayday parade and I'm so happy. Mayday are amazing and how I got this far without them ill never know. So 5SOS should always be recomended for that reason. Haha. :D


theblondeinblack: I love what you said about 5sos your so right! Respect ❤️ love your blog btw x

Thank you!! 

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— Anonymous: As a fan of Mayday, would you recommend 5 Seconds Of Summer to me? What are they like compared to Mayday?

I would recommend 5sos to anyone really. they’re really pop rock and a lot of their influences are bands like mayday. don’t let the fact that they’re connected to one direction discourage you from listening to them, because other bands, such as all time low, are really helping them along also!

give them a chance and I promise you’ll like them! 

The deluxe version of Monsters In The Closet is available today! The three new tracks are amazing and a flow so well with the rest of the album. I’m amazed just like always!   

You can download it on ITunes or listen on Spotify!

I have also added a link for it on the download page of the blog!

Watch Mayday Parade perform Hold Onto Me live thanks to MoshCam!

Watch the full concert here 

moshcam: Hey. We recently filmed Mayday Parade and will be premiering the whole show on 7th May. In the meantime it would be awesome if you could share this promo. Thanks, Moshcam

Hold Onto Me 

Full Concert